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NeginTel was founded in October 2016 after acquiring MVNO license from Iran’s Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA). Focusing on expanding telecommunication services, NeginTel has defined its mission as below:

  • Introducing smart and variety telecom services based on the clients’ requirements
  • Creating unique experience for the target segments
  • Increasing customers’ loyalty and service quality
  • Developing and expanding frameworks for better serving the customers



Considering the strategic relationship between NeginTel and Asan Pardakht Persian, NeginTel’s investment in micro and mobile payment is only logical. By offering innovative payment solutions, NeginTel thrives to facilitate micro and mobile payments while increasing the security.


Along with global propensity to Internet of Things, NeginTel works to deploy modern IoT solutions, enabling its customers to better manage their facilities and devices, and increase the quality of their personal and professional life.


Provision of medical services through the use of portable devices is among the main objective of NEGINTEL to empower patients in taking care of themselves thanks to remote monitoring and self-assessment policy.


NEGINTEL is offering NFC (Near Field Communication) solutions through which two electronic devices enable to establish communication by bringing them close to each other. This technology allows for integrating all access and banking cards of a single user, reducing the need to carry many cards and hence, increasing the convenience.

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